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Little Sparrow

made for little hands


At Little Sparrow infant furniture "SIZE" really does matter.

 Dr Maria Montessori spent a lifetime studying, observing and preparing environments that supported the natural unfolding and development of the child.  She saw the need for appropriate sized furniture for children, toddlers and infants.  

At Little Sparrow Infant Furniture we understand this need and have created and sourced infant furniture that meets the dimensions and requirement that Montessori specified.  Our pieces are designed for little hands,  the are stable and facilitate movement and independence.


Time and time again I have see infants and toddlers stop their parents to try out our chairs.  When they independently climb in their little faces beam as they did it themselves and they know this furniture is made for them. Toddlers love standing at our infant shelf and working as it is the exact height for them.  It brings us great joy to bring these products to Australian families.

Tewantin, Queensland Australia 0498 478 189

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